Q: Hey there! How are you? You said that you are not promoting selfharm, but you do post picutres about that? Why? Are you thinking about that, or does somebody else do this? Greetings, Nick.

Hey Nick :) Thats a good question. With “I don’t promote selfharm” I want to express that selfharm is a bad thing and that I don’t want to trigger anyone. Dont start with that crap.
Why I still post pictures about selfharm? Well, I guess because they help me. These pictures calm me and they remind me of what I have been some months ago. They warn me “No, you dont want this again…”
Or maybe I just like playing with the thougt of selfharming again. Nobodys perfect… :x

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Q: Hey there, I love that you advertise on your blog that you are willing to listen to anyone who is going through something, that's very nice of you. The world is lucky to have someone so nonjudgmental :)

Oh my god how nice! Thank you so much, hearing this felt very good. There should be more kind people like you!
And of course I am willing to listen to anyone with problems! I mean, I’m just a random stranger from tumblr and probably my advice doesnt really help but.. I do my best. There is too much pain in this world and its just… I know how it feels like to be broken. And I know how it helps to talk about everything - even if it is just with a stranger.
Guys, you can always message me.

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Q: I just need help and I need someone to listen because I tried talking to my supposedly best friend about it but I sent her a 3 mile paragraph and all she said was "wow" and then asked where her boyfriend is. I don't know what I'm even writing this for I just long to know that someone actually cares about me because I always feel alone and like shit and I'm sorry for bothering you, darling.

Hey :) Dont worry about bothering me, I’m there for you, no problem. Your best friend seems to be a dick. (Sorry)
I would like to hear your 3 mile paragraph about what happened to you. I really care. Maybe this wont help a lot but I promise that we will talk about everything if you want to.
And you dont have to feel alone… I’m sure that somebody out there really loves you. Stay strong my dear ;)

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